Dead City refers to the ruins of antiquity that we are sublimely fascinated with as a culture. Inspired by the patina of the effects that time has on a material, we sought to create a light fixture that expresses simplicity, patina, and the passage of time by taking a slow, hand-made, artisanal approach. 


The Dead City Pendant is made of micarta (a material traditionally used for hunting knife handles) in an innovative way.

Linen, the classic beginning of a painting, and epoxy resin is used to form a composite. The cylindrical shape is crafted from multiple layers of fabric hand-rolled onto an aluminum formwork. Once hardened and removed from its mold, the rough piece is then spun on a lathe and machined to its final shape revealing its layered construction.  The shade armature is milled from solid brass hex rod and then assembled. 


The Dead City Pendant is beguiling in the way light interacts with its materiality. The magical translucency of the revealed layers of lathed linen offers an ethereal, timeless glow once illuminated.  Whether turned on or off, the surfaces multifaceted strata conjure a landscape or ruin. Each hand-made piece is unique and we relish in the nuances of the way light permeates the shade.   When illuminated from within, the darkest parts of the fixture transform into a warm amber glow and reveal the subtle patterns of the fabric and its layered construction.

All Mutuus Made products are designed by copyright Mutuus Studio,LLC. All products were manufactured, prototyped, and created with the invaluable support of Doug Franklin of Eccentric Machine Works in Tacoma,WA. Everything is made by hand delightfully imperfect in the USA

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