Artist Stephen Vitiello presented a multi-channel sound installation entitled A Bell For Every Minute for which he has recorded bells all over New York City and beyond. Sounds range from the iconic rings of the New York Stock Exchange bell, the historic Dreamland bell (recorded days after it was discovered in the water off Coney Island), the United Nation’s Peace Bell, and more everyday and personal sounds of cat bells, diner bells, and neighborhood church bells. During park hours an individual bell will ring each minute from speakers placed throughout the tunnel space where it will be installed, the overtones fading out as the next bell begins. 

The sounds were represented on a physical sound map that identified the location of each bell, allowing the listener to follow the geographic journey of the recordings.

"Collectively, the bells are a microcosm of the urban landscape as they relate to the sounds captured throughout the daily life in New York City."


The site becomes activated by the composition, inviting the passerby to engage with the High Line and its connection to the city around it. 



Architectural Team:

Kristen Becker


"A Bell For Every Minute

Sound Art Installation


Creative Time-Meredith Johnson

Friends of the High Line:

Jordan Benke


The High Line

New York, NY

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