Mutuus Studio collaborated with Creative Time and installation artist Paul Ramirez Jonas to help build a monument in Times Square New York entitled "Key to the City". One to one, one at a time, all of the time, thousands of keys were bestowed by thousands of people on thousands of citizens for thousands of reasons that deserve to be recognized. Keys to cities are traditionally given by a mayor to a hero or dignitary, symbolizing that they can have free entrance to the city. This new Key to the City belongs to us, and is awarded among ourselves. 

"And with this new key, we gain an opportunity to step back and reflect on common space in the city."


Not only does the key open up specific sites, but it can also make us aware that the city is a series of spaces that are locked or unlocked.

Architectural Team:

Mutuus Studio


"Key to the City"-Paul Ramirez Jonas


Creative Time NYC


Times Square

New York, NY