The Mallet Light was born out of a specific need for a restaurant that the studio was designing. We needed a wall mouthed lamp to illuminate tables that might be shifted from side to side. This meant that the lamp body is constructed of steel with alternating reinforcements of stitch welded steel triangles for rigidity. The lamp shade itself is knurled copper, patinated black to match the rest of the fixture.


The copper shade ensures a warm glow from the bulb as the light is reflected through the polished copper interior of the shade. The lamp arm swings smoothly on custom acetal bushings. It's all held together with a unique central spike that serves as the central pivot point and wire way.

All Mutuus Made products are designed by copyright Mutuus Studio,LLC. All products were manufactured, prototyped, and created with the invaluable support of Doug Franklin of Eccentric Machine Works in Tacoma,WA. Everything is made by hand delightfully imperfect in the USA

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