At its inception our studio has sought to reimagine the typical structure of an architecture firm. We function similarly to artist, as a studio we are constantly driven to design. In this way we are hybrid between a traditional design firm and an artist atelier. Our self-driven interests have constantly been a benefit to our clients to solve their needs.


The constant pursuit of our independent design interests creates a deeper collaborative opportunity with our clients. We can, not only, design the space of a project, but also the critical components that help define the aesthetic and function of a space. We strive to bring a sense of fullness and comfort to our projects and Mutuus Made is part of this endeavor.

We also seek to find the rich veins of content latent in the world and to reveal them in physical form. We design with materials in hand as much as on paper and screen.

Process of Making

Material is unruly. The process of making is a very particular way of engaging with the world. The feedback loop of making is a deep connection with the materiality of the world. Processes fail and material has its limitations. Through this struggle the maker finds the growing edge of their knowledge. Frustratingly this edge is found again and again until it is figured out.


This new knowledge isn’t the answer, just a placemark until something better is found. Sometimes the answer is in the body. How you hold a tool, how you use it, something about how it feels when it is going right. Sometimes it’s more about planning the steps. Other times it’s more technical and about what you know or how you can find out. I think the key is being receptive to the feedback of the process of trying to realize a specific goal and a willingness to approach it in multiple ways.