Onda Origins - Flagship 

Onda Origins is a coffee roasting and sourcing company that's creating a new way of doing business. Because the coffee business has contributed to disparity and degradation across the globe, only business is powerful enough to reverse it.

The price of coffee paid to farmers is the same as it was in the 1980's, while the average price for a cup of coffee has increased by 500%.

Onda chose to tackle these issues in the coffee industry because there is a demand to know more about the 25 million coffee farmers who impact their communities' livelihoods and the planet. While there's lots of talk about ethical sourcing and sustainability, we weren't seeing real solutions that matched the weight of the problem.
The coffee shop creates a new model that shows you who grew your coffee, and shares revenue from your purchase with them. Your daily habit rewards growers for supporting their communities and environment, which make up the ingredients for better coffee.
The material inspiration for the shop is inspired by the fields the coffee is grown in. Cherry red floors inspired by the coffee berries that grow in clusters along the branches of the coffee plant. The custom linen table tops and bar fronts - take a cue from the "roast curve" evoking a warm welcoming environment. 

Architectural Team:

Kristen Becker

Jim Friesz

Saul Becker

Lighting Design/ Fabrication:

Saul Becker


Praxis Builders-Peter Ward 

Coffee Consultants:

Caffewerks- Terry Ziniewicz


Mutuus Studio


Hillman City, WA