Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden is a collection of architecturally significant 19th Century buildings set in an 83 acre park along the Kill Van Kull along the north shore of Staten Island in New York. 

Saul Becker’s artwork "Aship, Aground, Anew" has been won a New York Design Excellence Award by the Public Art commission in NYC. The artwork is to be installed in the new extension of the hall designed by Studio Joseph. 


The painting of the ship lies behind the exterior cladding frit glass which gives the illusion that the ship is afloat. When one enters the building the fog is no longer perceived and the image of the grounded ship on the rocks is clear as one descends the stairwell. 

Artist Lead:

Saul Becker

Architectural Team:

Kristen Becker

Jim Friesz


Staten Island, NY

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