Bringing Basel to Miami, our proposal for the oceanfront recasts the beachfront site as a snow-capped mountain.


"A singular open event space made of snow camouflage, a perforated fabric typically used for hiding or masking objects, will conversely be used to highlight events and host provocative artist interventions."


During the day, the crisp white fabric provides a neutral backdrop for multiple focal points of activity, while raised canopies offer dappled lighting effects and shade from the sun. At nightfall, the structure becomes lit from within, transforming it into a meditative, cinematic environment. 

Raked stage areas mimicking forms of snow drifts allow the user to be both the viewer and the viewed. What emerges is an environment where artists and visitors interact with art and each other in new and unforeseen ways. 

Architectural Team:

Mutuus Studio



Miami, FL


"Undercover" Invitational Competition Finalist 2017

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