Tribeca Penthouse 

A two-story penthouse apartment in Downtown Manhattan that yearns for restrained opulence and eclectic elegance and looks to castle-like monumentalism as inspiration for a modern take on a NYC loft. A purposefully spare space, Tribeca Penthouse features a natural palette of materials paired with eclectic furnishings in organic forms. A masterful use of high contrast textures and a series of soft greys, the verticality of the space is effortlessly reinforced and seamlessly cohesiveness and comfort are welcomed.


An exemplary exercise in simplicity and elegance, Tribeca Penthouse located on the top two floors of a six-story building was built in 1920. The design approach looked to stripping back the opulence yet keep the penthouse loft feel. A very early inspiration found in castle-like design and atmospheres, led to an emphasis in the monumental and commanding verticality of the space. This purposeful celebration of verticality creates an effortless cohesiveness within the space, masterfully achieved through the use vertical metal stair railings as well as the use of switch glass both for privacy purposes as well as to emphasize the height of the space.


A true collaboration between client and architect, where the dialogue of design reigned free. A color palette deeply informed by one of the clients being colorblind, featuring high contrast textures and a series of soft greys as well as an array of muted tones juxtaposed with beautiful walnut floors. Zinc was the choice of metal over steel for the fireplace surround, complementing the muted palettes. This masterful use of materials and colors creates an endless count of backdrop vignettes of furniture groupings and reflects the clients’ appreciation of good crafted objects.


The space showcases a vast array of eclectic furniture, a result of the clients’ continuous travels including a Vladimir Kagan couch that anchors the room. Up the metal and wooden grand stair is the master suite featuring a media room with velvet curtains serving as a temporary division, baked cork flooring and custom leather furnishings.


A perfect cohesive space, Tribeca Penthouse displays a sense of restrained opulence, elegant craft yet a feeling of comfort that comes with a home.

Architectural Team:

Kristen Becker


Gabe Border'


New York, NY